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Many years ago, local stray animals in suburbs of Mumbai were ungraciously used in harrowing conditions, left to die on roadsides, full of maggot-wounds & weak due to starvation. We started our work in 1998 with group of youngsters who use to treat animals with help of vets!

 But on 11th January 2001, a few youngsters decided that they needed to effect a change. So they created PAWS, the Plant & Animals Welfare Society that started with a vision to voice the distress of the animals.

They never looked back. The organization grew strength to strength culminating in a successful society truly devoted to their chosen mission and vision.

Local municipal corporations have stopped stray dog killings, but have done little to assist in the sterilization campaign. Sensing the need of the hour, PAWS volunteers played an excellent role by Picking up strays, putting them into the ambulance, taking them to Mumbai hospitals for sterilization and vaccination and ultimately releasing them into their respective areas.

In October 2001, PAWS received its first ambulance as a donation from Mr. Anil Kataria of Ahmednagar SPCA, only on the basis of the genuine hard work that members of the organization are putting in.

From then, no looking back, now PAWS has 2 ambulances, 9 peoples staff, more then 100 volunteers supporting PAWS in various ways now!

Activities of Society

PAWS Murbad Rescue Center: In November 2010 PAWS started its own rescue Center located in Murbad City, District Thane. As on Today, we have 16 Kennels, Separate Accident Recovery Ward, Distemper Recovery Ward, Puppy Penny, Cat Ward, Surgical Room & 2 Staff Quarters with 5 people working there & taking care around 40 animals including Cats, Pups & Kittens, Donkeys… We feed these animals twice a day…A para-vet is available 8 hours in day & Care-Takers are there 24 hrs. Surgeons visits hospital weekends. Check out website’s separate pages for this!


Ambulance Service: PAWS responds to public calls to help sick & injured stray animals. PAWS’ ambulance covers some cities like Dombivli, Thakurli, Kalyan of Thane district. Ambulance service is available between Monday to Friday with a Fuel cost. Sunday’s are off.



Sterilizations & Vaccinations: PAWS catches stray dogs & cats from different cities in Thane district and gets them sterilized at Bombay hospitals, and releases them from where they were picked-up. PAWS also vaccinates all sterilized animals, against rabies. PAWS has a representative on the ‘Animal Birth Control’ committee at Municipal Corporation. Every year around 900 strays were vaccinated against rabies.

First Aid & Camps: PAWS Trustees & volunteers personally treat all types of  injured stray animals. Some cases are referred back to the Vets on the following day.  PAWS also arranges different first aid camps for all types of animals & holds lectures which teach first aid to students.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation: One of the major activities of PAWS is Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. PAWS has rescued many species that are traded illegally.  Spiny tailed lizards, Snakes, Mongoose, Monkeys, and Tortoises & Turtles. Many Birds like Parakeets, kites, Owls, Bats, Mynahs, Muniyas, Sparrows etc. are rescued & rehabilitated by team PAWS under vety. guidance.

Helping Cattle in Distress : PAWS members regularly responds to cattles in distress. Our municipal areas now Cattle-free.  PAWS also holds regular camps in slums & village areas for vaccination of Bullocks, Donkeys & Horses that are employed for labour, also holds first aid & medical check-up camps.

Adoptions & Re-homing: Innumerable homeless and abandoned animals have been re-homed through our adoption Scheme. Adoption is done only after rigorous interviews and complete verification. Adoptions done Free of cost & adoption kit also provided.

Adopt ME

Humane Education: With help of Video Screening, Live talks & interactions, PAWS  tries to create awareness about animal welfare among the masses. PAWS also distributes free software about dissection in schools & colleges. PAWS produces pamphlets on Animal Welfare acts, which are distributed free of cost to interested citizens & volunteers time to time.  Many management students prepare their projects on PAWS or with PAWS on various topics.

Legal Cases on Cruelty to Animals: PAWS members & Animal Welfare Officers investigate cruelty cases, which includes rescue of exploited animals. PAWS has filed many Police Complaints; lodged FIRs to save animals from cruelty.

Helping Like-minded NGOs: PAWS also aims to help other like-minded NGOs for the betterment of Animals, Wildlife & Environment. PAWS feels that the animal welfare movement should be spread everywhere. So PAWS helps that cause by providing volunteers, medicines, and fodder for animals to other charities in different parts of country. PAWS experts also guides newcomers for their projects related to animals.

Disaster Management: PAWS helped over 300 sick & distressed animals during Mumbai area floods in 2005. PAWS renders such help during natural calamities within its own limits.

Research Work, Studies & Inspections: PAWS Thane successfully carried out ‘Survey on Captive Elephants of Maharashtra’ in year 2006 wherein all  sorts of Captive Elephants like Circus Elephants, Zoo Elephants, Forest Captive Elephants & Begging elephants were scientifically studied by the PAWS Team. The survey report was submitted to CUPA Bangalore for further analysis. PAWS Also inspected several Circuses, Zoos &  collaborated with other institutes  to work against cruelty to animals.

Book Library: PAWS office located in Dombivli has a small Library which holds around 120 books on Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Animal Welfare, Animal Rights & Vegetarianism which can be refereed for studies for its registered & active volunteers at NO Cost. The Library open between 11:00Am to 3:00 PM on Weekdays – Monday to Friday.

Wildlife Photography Exhibitions & Bird-watching : PAWS  orgnises local bird-watching trails in near by villages, to make students aware of nature, birds & wildlife. Reports are made & published timely.  PAWS also holds Photography Exhibitions timely in schools & colleges to make students aware of amazing photography.

PAWS Bird Watching



Our Honorary Patron : John Abraham

Plant and Animals Welfare Society. (P.A.W.S.)

Office : A-18, Savitri Sadan, Dr. Mukharji Road, Near Nehru Ground,
Dombivli (East) 421201, Maharashtra, India.

Helpline : 9820161114 (10:00AM to 06:00PM)


Hands that help are holier than lips that pray…



CALL 9820161114 TO VOLUNTEER!!!


We are affiliated with many reputed organizations such as..

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  2. omoarukhe steve idowu Says:

    i read your data profile job its very good work you are doing pls keep the joy of helping animals pls i will visit u soon in india cheers

  3. Sahil Uppal Says:

    I think if we can make an organization like yours in each city then India will be seen with great respect by the rest of the world. Please do remember me if you ever plan to start something like this in New Delhi as well.

    Apart from this, I run a tech support company which serves US market, but in that we also try to help rescues (like yours) by donating them a part of our earnings. So do visit our website and get back to us if you would like to become our registered rescue.

  4. Chandra Nair Says:

    We at Swami Samarth Seva Mandal, Ambernath are looking for 2 cows to begin our GOSHALA. Please help us with agencies who can donate cows or even give them for a reasonable price. Regards





  7. anshul dhiman Says:

    i want to work with your NGO,so plz send me details.

  8. Avijit Chakrovorty Says:


    I work along with other Animal NGO’s and also working as Animal Right Activist. I do assist and also do animal rescue, help them in fostering & adoptions….willing to join your organization. Would be attanding your seminar on 8th May, 2011. Please let me know if I can be of any help.


  9. I wish your organisation grows faster.

    [Shri] Satyabrata Biswas [Journalist, Author & Film maker]

  10. Wish you all the best – I am always there for such a great cause.

    Satyabrata Biswas

  11. Roshini Barrett Says:

    Amazing work you guys do out there.. Good on you.
    Will surely visit you’ll on my next visit to India.. Keep up the good work.!!

  12. marianne anil rao Says:

    what an achievement……I would like to contribute in which ever way I can…….

  13. Rosalie Malik Says:

    Thankyou always for helping the animals who are the same as our own family members and friends. this is real civilisation. Hare Krishna Labangalatika ( rosalie)

  14. Please accept the compliments of Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain. We thank you for your compassion and admire the excellent work you do for our suffering fellow beings.

  15. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up.

  16. dharma Says:

    Hi friends, I am impressed to see your activities. I wish you all the best in your venture. I wish to volunteer in your projects in dombivli. I am also a resident of dombivli. Regards

  17. rohit acharekar Says:

    We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.

  18. rohit acharekar Says:

    Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.

  19. I have been following PAWS activities for a long time now and i can assure one and all that PAWS has been doing a wonderful job… Other than the Conservation and Treatment of Injured and Sick Animals it is also doing tremendously well with the Awareness among people.. :).. I also would personally like to thank PAWS founder NILESH BHANAGE for all his hard work and support extended towards various organizations and people in spreading Animal awareness and Conservation message .. :)

  20. Nilesh, you have been an inspiration to all those, who assume that they would go tired on the way to their journey…….but, it is the commitment, dedication and persistence that keeps the people walk…..

  21. Naresh Naik Says:

    Keep up the good work…….Best luck for you

  22. Naresh Naik Says:

    Hi Nilesh,
    I like your work and I like to join you. Please tell me the way.


    NILESH (dada) he is a great person …..
    you have been an inspiration to all those, who assume that they would go tired on the way to their journey…Wish you all the best – I am always there for such a great cause…

  24. Anu Lillaney Says:

    Hey u guys are doing a great job! Keep helping animals!! Best of luck & god bless you all for helping these needy ones! Keep it up!:)

  25. Omkar Subramanian Says:

    Excellent work by P.A.W.S. They have always been helpful and supportive. Whenever I need any help, Nilesh is always there to come up with a solution. Great work guys…Looking forward to work more actively with you all.

    Omkar Subramanian

  26. Shubhobroto Ghosh Says:

    I have known Nilesh for several years now and have been impressed with his selfless devotion for animals. His organisation PAWS has done sterling work and deserves all the support we can garner. Good luck to him and his team for the future. I wish there are many more groups like him in India.

  27. Aniket Says:

    NILESH you are great person …..
    “Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky”
    you have been an inspiration to all those, who assume that they would go tired on the way to their journey…Wish you all the best – I am always there for such a great cause…
    P.A.W.S. ROCk.

  28. jaya janardanan Says:

    I have been with PAWS since more than 2 years..every day with PAWS was a learning experience for me. Being a small NGO we have gone through lot of crises . Every animal lover can join here to help this cause. PAWS made me strong in what i believe, that is every living being has the right to live.

    Our Rescue shelter at Murbad is one of our greatest achievement , My request to all animal lovers please visit our shelter and help us in hour of need

  29. Tushar Sic Says:

    Hello P.A.W.S,
    I am a student and would like to be a volunteer when needed.

  30. shrikant raskar Says:

    hey frnds u all doin a gr8 job…..god bles u all n my furry angels……

  31. Ankit Says:

    P.A.W.S is a like a Life savior for street and wild animals!

  32. Kunal Salunkhe Says:

    Wish you all the best……Excellent work by P.A.W.S. Keep up the good work…….Best luck for you
    Please let me know if I can be of any help.
    Kunal Salunkhe,
    NGO-Nisarga Girighrman
    Roha ,

  33. U.Kambli Says:

    I love what PAWS is doing and I try to do my part and my best to see that these beautiful creatures are not mistreated in any goddamn way. I hope many people would start thinking like PAWS.

  34. sourabh edwankar Says:

    PAWS not only does grass root work like sterilisation, vaccinations, rescue, legal but go beyond that. They encourage people in various areas to stand up & become self sufficient. PAWS understands the strength of individuals & their power as a team. They network with other NGOs & bring togather independant animal lovers to bring in Unity to the cause. PAWS is one organisation that thrives on diversity of thought amongst its people. Arguments happen & they bring in new ideas instead of differences. The motto of PAWS is to develop leaders who will spawn out & multiply. Kudos to the farsighted vision of the PAWS management !

  35. debalina chanda Says:

    Till the time efforts like these are made,animals have hope.PAWS are doing great job in animal welfare.Thanks to PAWS activists for the selfless dedication towards innocent animals ..PAWS rock !

  36. yashshree Says:

    YASHSHREE here… PAWS is indeed doing a great work for animals… being a passionate animal lover, such animal organizations attract me… and i m glad to be a part of PAWS virtually…all the best for all the activities…

    i would be happy to work for PAWS any time…so let me know if i can be of any help..
    – student of Masters in Social work
    School of Rural Development
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences…

  37. Avirat V. Shete Says:

    Keep up the good work. Thanks to u, i found a good and worthy outflow for my money. :)

  38. Rajeev Says:

    Very noble work indeed done by you and the team,Let us how can I contribute to this social cause

  39. I have known Nilesh for nearing a decade – Mansi, Nilesh and the team give a new hope for millions of animals who endure pain and suffering.PAWS is contributing to a more humane way of life for our entire society. I commend them for their foresight, initiative, creativity and kindness.

  40. Naina Arun Says:

    I really appreciate and honor the kind of work that is done at P.A.W.S. The work is done with utmost honesty and dedication and having done an internship there I got the practical experience of working for the benefit of all flora and fauna with total selflessness… All of us should also take out some time out of our busy schedules to help those who can not help themselves.

    Naina Arun
    MBA (Advertising)
    Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), ’12

  41. chandni Says:

    Great job nilesh, cognrats, well done!! God bless, my best wishes for u

  42. I am full of admiration for the great work you do! You and your fellow rescuers are truly angels! The animals are helpless without you to fend for them and help them.I believe education of children is the way to fight cruelty to animals. God bless you all!

  43. ritesh Says:

    nilesh you r doing a great job.we all r with you.i have learned many things from you and from paws.i am proud to say that i am human being.and i will never forget paws in my life.and i will work with paws throughout my life.

  44. Virginie Devigne Says:

    Dear Nilesh and all the team of PAWS, thank a lot for all what you are doing for the animals, you are throwing a light on the darkness of human cruelty to our sweet dear small brothers and sisters, the animals, who are so ill treated due to ignorance, pre-concepts, and bad human nature… They don’t have voice to protest… If you were not there, they could never claim for help… Thanks again a lot for them.

  45. anita sawant Says:

    honored to be part of this noble cause …. please keep the good work going …..! god bless you !

  46. Comment is not enough, We have to send some money to Paws account with every Comment

  47. Girish Says:

    Great Job. and indeed a noble cause :) :)

  48. i am a volunteer in p.a.w.s but i hve still nt started working with them bu i think its gonna be a wonderfull experience to do so with nilesh sir

  49. Lucidora Says:

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi/Lucidora

  50. socialtrail Says:


    I had found an injured pigeon chick on our building parapet today. Called your helpline, and within 1 hour Sumit your volunteer from Thane was at the site. Amazing commitment. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.



  51. zara shaikh Says:

    i would love to work with you guys.

  52. Dr. Suri Says:

    PAWS does amazing work and we are blessed to have them in Mumbai!!

  53. ravi singh Says:

    great job done by u ……..
    realy commendable!!!!!!!!!

  54. Ajit Says:

    Nilesh and his Team doing such a Great work ..I have seen their work many times ..they do that work for which we think lot of … Now I feel very Happy to tell all of you that I am also donate them for their work … Please help PAWS ..

  55. Varun A. Damle Says:

    Paws and its team lead by Nilesh Bhanage are like God sent angels. The amount of work that they actually do is really extremely commendable. Its easy to get into a regular corporate shock absorbed job with a fat pay cheque to motivate, but working for animals day in and day out, risking their lives, working on calls at odd hours, only shows the 100% dedication by Nilesh and his team. Hats off to them.

  56. shubham darveshi Says:

    Great organisation from an great person who loves animals really salute to him for his kind work for the helpless animals! thanks a lot PAWS! keep it up

  57. Lynn Pereira Says:

    PAWS has been doing exceptionally good work. They are always happy to help and very cooperative. No ngo is perfect, but they strive to do their best even in limited resources. Do help them in whatever little you can, so far the experience with them is wonderful. No extra frills and fancies , just good and commendable work.. Do have faith in them, they won’t disappoint you..

  58. Sachin Gije Says:

    Dear Nilesh,

    Its really great work you are doing. I will also share this link with my friends.

  59. Amit Mohare Says:

    I have been following PAWS activities for a long time, and I must say “hats off” to the team. PAWS has been doing a wonderful job, I wish them good luck for all their activities in future.

  60. amrita Says:

    I’ve read about some great rescues PAWS does and I think they’re an amazing team doing great work. All the best.

  61. Ambika Says:

    Nilesh, I am so proud of you and the work you do. Not only do you work but you also ensure that animal rights is a widely discussed subject. I am proud to be associated with PAWS. Keep up the fantastic work!

  62. omkar Says:

    hey guyz u r doing grate job. . . . . .

  63. Anish Says:

    I have been following PAWS work form a long time….grt work man……

  64. Nishi Chand Says:

    PAWS u r doing such a gr888 job…god bless u and hope in coming years me too establish an organization in U.P East like PAWS………Love U PAWS..A
    loving hug from all animals….

  65. Sriram Vepuri Says:

    PAWS your wondeful work serves as an inspiration to many individuals willing to start animal welfare organizations in their home towns. You are amazing at outreach aspect!

  66. nag Says:

    Animals are the most oppressed beings on earth, and in this day and age of selfish and self involved humans, PAWS is doing a tremendous and impossible job, true angels to the voiceless. Hope you always have the support of the community so the innocent can always be protected . Thank you for all you do.

  67. Mayur shinde Says:

    Amazing work out there n lucky to visit it once….
    Wish all of you for better future….. Keep it up!!

  68. Very impressing and encouraging work. Please keep it up for the sake of animal welfare and for the sake of our society at large. God Bless!

  69. sangram Says:

    service towards d children of god is service towards god himself!! salute fuh dat work!!!

  70. Mudra Says:

    Team Paws is one of the amazing, dedicated and passionate organisation that is been a voice for the voiceless for years. Their selfless and dedicated work over the past years have proved everyone about their work. Animal welfare is not an easy task being the voice of those who can’t speak is a tough job and PAWS have very well successed in their work. Hats off to PAWS, u will always be an encoragement and motivation for those who want to get involved in Animal welfare.
    Thank you for being there

  71. shrikant raskar Says:


  72. santosh rajashekar Says:

    PAWS is doing some excellent work, volunteer work is amazing….. keep it going Nilesh and Team……….

  73. PAWS one of the BEST NGO for welfare of animals and birds ever seen…….. i really hats off to their efforts, love and dedication which we only think ……

  74. Maulik Says:

    Its an impressive nd a healthy try to involve ppl for animal care…

  75. Sudhir Ingale - Dombivli MIDC Says:

    I know PAWS since last 3-4 hrs, as working abroad so not able to join this valuable task.

    Love For Animals,

    PAWS treat all animals equally. PAWS accept animals even when they aren’t perfectly “adoptable” and provide them with the loving home they deserve. The motto of PAWS is “Life for Everyone” because we recognize that every animal is equally valuable. PAWS does their best to find every animal a home or keep them forever at one of our country animal sanctuaries.

    Best of luck for all future Assignment….

  76. Bhanu kumar Says:

    Great work we need such organiszation in Bangalore too here……

  77. Yogesh more Says:

    Thats a very handful of information provided by PAWS, regarding its work and hospitality for animal walfare and cause. But, as an admirer of the very organisation, i assure you that theres a lott PAWS, has to offer and shall offer in the coming future. PAWS has done remarkable contribution in the protection of animals from the cruelty of heartless people and has launched big events, and causes to ensure the health of animals throught the city and beyond. As an animal lover i have olwaz acknowledged PAWS as one of the best to exist, to nurture the poor, and innocent babies of nature, and under the explicit leadership of Dr. Nilesh Bhanage, PAWS will grow to its highest peak of perfection and bless the life of all animals and tress, and become their voice to humanity. My best wishes for PAWS for the coming decades of its contribution to happen and may PAWS flourish to its glory and continue all its good work in the same way as it does now and be an angel for all those who is helpless, keeping aside all differences. God bless PAWS. God bless humanity.

  78. harshal belvate Says:

    as per my experience, PAWS is a very helpful, prompt, kind and attendive organization who is more concerned about caring animals and plants rather than trying to build revenue for organization’s benefits.
    Thanks a lot to PAWS for being helpful hand for people.

    harshal belvate

  79. DSILVA Says:

    Amazing work you guys do out there………..hats off to your efforts, love and dedication in reaching out to the helpless……..Thank you for all you do.

  80. Rishabh Says:

    I’m proud tht we have got such a phenomenal NGO right here in Dombivli! I’m an animal lover and it’s touching to see there are a few such guys out there doing their bit to save animal life. Kudos!

  81. Team Paws,
    You are doing great work! wanted to suggest that, plan some workshops, create more volunteers and create more PAWS in India.

    All the best!
    Mandar K.

  82. Sumit S. Yadav Says:

    Few years back i was searching for a animal welfare ngo that worked locally around Thane area. The name ‘PAWS’ kept coming up so i decided to join in. Now after working closely for the PAWS team i feel content that i got a chance to contribute for their cause.

    I keep learning new and exciting things everyday with PAWS. Also, made some very good, like minded friends.

  83. Am continually moved by the wonderful work that is daily done. Thanks to each and many blessings… from All of US

  84. HI, I love your work Team Paws. I’m proud of you guys.

  85. Amit Patil Says:

    Great work guys………
    I have attended your “Learn To Care” seminars in thane once and had a great experience.

  86. Ishwari Bandal Says:

    A Big salute to a PAWS team for their great efforts. actually I wanted to become an active member of PAWS and participate in such a great cause but because of some official reason we had to come to US……..but never the less whenever I will come back to India, I would try to become a part of PAWS…….keep going team PAWS, our best wishes are with you…….. :)


    i came 2 know bout PAWS through facebook n feel dt guys/grls out there as volunteer r doing a great job under good supervision …. many times i thought of visiting d organization personally but cant make it … hope wll do dt some day soon n wll come 2 know many more good work done by dm … one thing is 4 sure dy wont b able 2 do oll ds wdout d support of many nature/animals lover who keep helping dm in many ways …. my good wishes r wd dm wd a hope dt ds good work wll keep on going good day by day n wll expand 2 many more places 2 help many animals/human indirectly helping nature n mankind …. thanks

    pavan kumar dubey

  88. Eliza Says:

    You guys are so aazing! I really admire your work!

  89. Joy Smetzer Says:

    The photos and stories depicted on your website speak a thousand truths regarding the harshness of the world at times, the injustice that all too often befalls our most innocent beings, and the tremendous healing potential of love. Keep up the inspired work, PAWS!

  90. Sai Prasad Says:

    Possibly one of the best Animal Welfare NGO’s in India and the most active one. Volunteers are always busy helping out our four legged friends when they need it the most. Keep up the great work!

  91. Joanna Says:

    Wow.. This is wonderful work all of you do for the animals that need us. Not everyone lets them down.. I’m happy they can rely on you! xo

  92. Sylvie Bellemare Says:

    I am very pleased to see that other people care about the welfare of animals. You are far but you warmed my heart with hope!!! Sorry for my poor english!

  93. Amit Punekar Says:

    Its an phenomenal achievement by you guys……..Saving the lives of such innocent and beatiful things is just fantastic..Keep up the good work

  94. Jan Says:

    Kudos to PAWS for helping so many animals. We need more organizations like PAWS. At no stage in the history of mankind, animals were treated so badly as they are treated now. PAWs is doing great work taking care of animals and more importantly spreading the message of kindness and compassion to future generation! Well done!

  95. Dear PAWS Team, Keep up your fantastic work! Continue to be a role model and insoire people to partcipate in animal welfare activities – human welfare is so much linked to animal welfare and so good to see that being upheld in PAWS! God bless!

  96. Thank you very much ! Proud of my TEAM PAWS!

  97. viviane vanbuggenhout Says:

    Paws is doing a fabulous work saving and caring for animals and I’m a great admirer of their zealous efforts to make this world a better place for the animals in India, not only domestic animals but also for the wild species…Congratulations to all the team and to the numerous volunteers .. Keep on doing this good job and being the voice of our voiceless friends!Thanks a lot!Friendly greetings from an animal lover from Belgium (Europe)!

  98. Susan McCauley Says:

    What wonderful work you are doing … Much Gratitude to All of You at PAWS for your dedication, compassion and inspired acts on behalf of the animals and all of us. You are role models for the planet.

  99. Saurabh Bhowar Says:

    I appreciate the work of PAWS. The team seems to be very dedicated and motivated to do a great job. Hats off to the hardwork. Me and my wife love animals and would like to get associated with PAWS on some level. Cheers.
    Saurabh Bhowar

  100. Jan Says:

    It is a great pleasure to meet the team of PAWS and know their work. Kudos to PAWS for helping so many animals. We need more organizations like PAWS. At no stage in the history of mankind, animals were treated so badly as they are treated now. PAWs is doing great work taking care of animals and more importantly spreading the message of kindness and compassion to future generation! Well done!

  101. paws is doing great work,sir, so keep it up.

  102. Chidanand Says:

    Amazing work, keep it up!

  103. Sudha Gomati Narayan Says:

    Keep up the good work! Best wishes

  104. rahul koshaley Says:

    Paws is one of the best organisation who has been doing animal welfare in mumbai.

    Every year they come to my area, ie kandiveli to vaccinate the dogs, the count has always been more than 100+ (in a day) thx to the volunteer base.

    I wish them luck.


    Rahul Kosahley

  105. rakeshvora Says:

    superb work.. i appreciate it a lot. i wish i could give my life for the animals.

  106. Paws is one of the best organisation who is working for not only wild but also domestick animals .superb workI. wish them luck

  107. Pranay Says:

    Thanks to paws for all good work

  108. Amit Ash Says:

    I have observed your work since last few years and it has always been prompt and up to the mark. Paws probably is among few organization which works on both rescue and education.
    All the work is properly documented and sent in annual reports as well, which sometimes is not seen from bigger NGOs.
    Keep up the great work, animals and animal lovers are counting on you.

  109. nag Says:

    Thank You to all at Team Paws……this world is a better place for the animals because of your unrelenting dedication and commitment to them. A task few can do, God Bless Always.

  110. Nitika Khurana Says:

    I have never come across an organization active to this extent on the issue of animal welfare.. PAWS is a boon to the animal kingdom, this is service of the highest order. completely unconditional for speechless animals who know cannot go to any court of law for justice. From the small creatures like chicks to cows, donkeys all creation seek refuge in this holy divine abode – paws. I can’t express enough with these few words..

  111. Sunny Issac Says:

    PAWS has been doing an awesome job, and obviously credit goes to Nilesh has aimed continous development, thanx for regular Health camps for stray dogs in our Godrej Hill Area, God Bless you all. & one more thing Cool Merchandise looking forward to get them soon.

  112. Tejaswita Says:

    really, good work..i wish team PAWS all the best for their work..n keep it going.
    God Bless :)

  113. Roopali Tulaskar Says:

    PAWS is doing a great job. I have seen the continous effort, updates & the work done by PAWS team through Facebook & Newspapers & other medias too. All the people connected with PAWS are really doing a good job. Keep it up. :-) i would really like to be a part of team. Please let me know how i can help….
    All the Best for the Godly Work…………….!

  114. Sangeeta Says:

    Its wonderful to see Nilesh and entire PAWS team do some great work.Blessings come in different ways and for the injured, sick and abused animals in Mumbai this is definitely one!

  115. Ramesh AS Says:

    Great work done. God bless.

  116. Sadanand Barve Says:

    Nilesh I am so proud of you and the work you do. Not only do you work but you also ensure that animal rights is a widely discussed subject. I am proud to be associated with you as well as with entire family.
    PAWS is doing excellent work.

  117. Shyamal Thakker Says:

    I really like the wrk work paws does

  118. amritika Says:

    keep up the good work Nilesh . The animals Bless you

  119. Archita Says:

    U guys are awesome………Great Job!!!!!!!!

  120. chitrita majumdar Says:

    I am totally impressed and touched by the passion, dedication and energy that PAWS operates with. Such a young team and making such a big difference to the plight of these poor unwanted animals! I also like the way PAWS is able to discuss their work regularly with like minded people on open / closed forums, thereby keeping its windows open to any new thoughts or advice that may come forth.

  121. Abhishek Kachhawaha Says:

    People working with P.A.W.S are angels according to me. I always go through their updates related to animals welfare and awareness. Rescue team of P.A.W.S is great, they put their best efforts to save and take care of each and every animal in need. I know one person of their team Mr. Nilesh Bhanage who is remarkable and dedicated towards his work.
    All my best wishes with P.A.W.S Thane team. May God Bless Them & All Animals On This Planet.

  122. What a wonderful and beautiful work you do… It’s amazing to see that we have people so dedicated like you in this world.. Thank you PAWS!!!!

  123. Atul Dravid Says:

    Nice work guys, have been following your work for quite some time now and wish you all the best for the future. Also, hope you guys get more active in Thane city as its hard to find help in case of emergencies over here :) Thanks again for all your efforts.

  124. yash Says:

    Its wonderful to see Nilesh and entire PAWS team do some great work.Blessings come in different ways and for the injured, sick and abused animals in Mumbai this is definitely one!!!! Thanks again for all your efforts.I am totally impressed and touched by the passion, dedication and energy that PAWS operates with. Such a young team and making such a big difference to the plight of these poor unwanted animals!!

  125. Diana Tholoor Says:

    I believe that anything that has life should be cared for…. I am happy to see PAWS work for the cause of animals … and, provide treatment, shelter and other facilities for them. God bless PAWS.

  126. Lajwanti Says:

    Nice work. Keep it up. Wish Paws could be in my city. :)

  127. prajakta Says:

    great work .We need more organizations like PAWS.your work always inspire us .all the best.

  128. Varda Says:

    Animal protection is so important, great to see so much activity!

  129. Mili Gandhi Says:

    As our cities grow – groups like PAWS ensure animals in distress are helped anywhere they are. Thank you PAWS for being there for all kinds of animals in their hour of need and pain _ keep up the good work!

  130. Vishal Gawad Says:

    Dea Nilesh & All Paws Team,

    First of all Thanks and congratualations to your team efforts for Achiewing the real Cause of PAWS, “Hands That Helps” Really i am totally impressed and Motivated to see how you people offer Help to Innocent Animals . I will rate this work “high” all the time considering current human’s Selfishness attitude towards Humanbeing, Nature and Animal.

    I strongly wish to have as many “Hands to help” to work with PAWS . and will try to come in your flow to serve Cause in better Way.

    God Bless PAWS , God bless Mr.Nilesh.

    With Warm Regards,

    Vishal Gawad.

  131. Vignesh Kartik Says:

    P.A.W.S is a fantastic group and the work they do just puts a big smile on my face and keeps me really happy. Everytime Nilesh Bhanage posts a photo of the rescue/rehabilitation work done by the P.A.W.S team its truly a wonderful sight to look at. Keep it up’re keeping the hope alive for the animals :)

  132. Priyanka Says:

    I am glad to know abt PAWS, am also owning an Organization in hyd and want 2 improve. Nilesh is really a model for animal activist. PAWS is very committed to animals. cheers :)

  133. sue heron Says:

    AMAZING thank you for saving the animals

  134. Anupama Dawson Says:

    Good Work!

  135. Hardik Says:

    really good work by a really good NGO…i keep checkin for new updates on fb daily and theres a smile on my face..keep up the good work frnds!!..god bless ya’ll

  136. Rama Srinivasan Says:

    I am very impressed by the heavenly work done by Nilesh Banaghe and his team for the unfortunate animals which suffer due to human negligence or ill-treatment. PAWS has been a truly good not only in serving the animals but also in educating the people about them and creating awareness. I wish PAWS, Nilesh and his team all the best. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  137. Joanne Anand Says:

    PAWS are a wonderful organisation that deserve our recognition and respect as well as our donations. I have seen countless stories of rescues and the help they give to our animal friends who so need it which I find truly admirable. Keep up the great work guys, we around the world deeply admire your dedication, hard work and can see just how much you
    care for other species who share this planet with us. The work you do is invaluable and tremendously important. Every animal you help is a major achievement. Where would the world be without people like you? Much love, best wishes and respect from Australia!

  138. hey guys….u ppl are doing a really good job…animals need to b respected n you guys help them get the attention that they deserve…
    hope you continue ur good job…nu get lots of help from the public…
    good going :D

  139. J.P.Maithani Says:

    I know Nilesh since last 4 years- and every day we receive the updated information about the rescue, rehabilitation of Animals and wildlife as well- we inspired by them and set up a small group of few volunteers in -Uttarakhand-Named- People for Animals and Wildlife trust Society ( PFAWTS). We know that working in the Metropolitan City Like Thane and Mumbai is very difficult and generally the common population is not bothered about these issue related to – Animals and wild life rescue and rehabilitation and in this scenario- the PAWS is doing great job for unheard Animals.
    We must congratulate them for this great job and passion.

  140. I am delighted that PAWS is doing so much to help animals. Having known them from the day they started, it has been inspiring to see them grow. Be it an animal rescue or a problem from a housing society discriminating against pets or their guardians, PAWS is there, Keep up the good work.

  141. Nilanshu Samvatsar Says:

    PAWS has been doing a great work since many years. There are many persons and organisations doing work for betterment of humans, but very few persons and organisations work for the animals. Animals also have the rights like we humans. I salute PAWS and its volunteers for their work.

  142. Giny Woo Says:

    Thank you, Nilesh and the PAWS team. You guys are the true angels for the animals and the humanity. There are so much suffering of animals everywhere and India is no exception. But I am so glad and thankful that PAWS team is there to help at least some of these animals who are badly in need of care. I hope the compassionate hearts of the world will support PAWS team so that they can continue their important work of saving the precious lives of these poor animals. God bless you all!

  143. Dr. Karishma Gupte Says:

    PAWS is doing fantastic work! Keep it up! And let me know if i can be helpful in anyway.

  144. Tejasvini Says:

    Thanks Nilesh & PAWS team ……………….on behalf of animals who cannot speak in our spoken words but who can show their gratitude by expressing thru their eyes

  145. Rohet Nayak Says:

    Nilesh and team , you guys are doing a great great job towards serving the beautiful creatures. PAWS who help wounded animals and always open for the suggestions and also help individuals with ideas or product who really wanted to support such a noble cause . a BIG SALUTE to entire team.

  146. Jenell Fonseca Says:

    Awesome work PAWS! So happy to be a part :)

  147. Janki Kansara Says:

    Good job done by Nilesh & Team really very impressed with your work.

  148. Pallabi Bhagawati Says:

    Dear Team Paws, the great work you are doing for the poor needy animals are so much praise worthy. Your contributions towards the society in the form of animal welfare are divine. I thank you and congratulate you for the splendid work. Keep up with the great work ‘team paws’.

  149. Hi Nilesh,
    Really grate job for animals conservation with ground level work. Wish PAWS build the good work with yours.

  150. kalpita Says:

    Dear PAWS team,

    I got my pet dog back because of brilliant networking of PAWS and other animal lovers. I wish they get all sorts of funding cause they are really working for a great cause ……… A big round of applause to PAWS and its team…………good luck and god bless!!!

  151. aastha nayyar Says:

    Dear PAWS team,
    you are doing an amazing work. keep up the good work ! Voice of the voiceless. Wish you all the luck.God bless.

  152. Zeeshan Mirza Says:

    Good work. Would be nice to have a wildlife consultant to aid your team in terms of rehabilitation.

  153. Smita. Says:

    Nilesh & entire PAWS team does great work………………
    god bless all…………. :)

  154. bharat rughani Says:

    realy great work.

  155. mahesh Says:

    nice efforts, keep gng
    bst luck

  156. Harshal Jain Says:

    Super Work nilesh…. D passion and compassion u and ur team have is inspiring….!!! Keep up the grrt wrk

  157. karenlyonskalmenson Says:

    a round of a-paws for PAWS☺♥☻

  158. Following P.A.W.S , Thane work for many years we are very impressed with their consistent compassionate activities to help so many animals thereby influencing people to be more caring as well. Look forward to them getting the support they deserve from the public.

  159. kiran Patel Says:

    You know Nilesh you are doing very great job ! ! !
    Thank , very good such words are not enough for such great job !

  160. Maureen Scott Says:

    Hi, I have been associated with PAWS since years and I am a witness to the hard work and efforts put in by each member unlike the other NGO’s. All I can say is KUDOS PAWS:)

  161. shubham . lokhande Says:

    PAWS is doing a grear great job by helping animal kingdom
    i salute all the members of PAWS

  162. Anurag Banerjee Says:

    I worked with PAWS for a small period of time and it was an absolute pleasure. To see so many people driven by the need of the poor and helpless animals was really heartening to see.
    Good job PAWS! Keep it up!

  163. vaibhav Says:

    Great work Nilesh & PAWS. Keep it up.

  164. Gaurav Says:

    Hey, PAWS is doing a very good job…keep it up..keep doing the same in future, gud luck… :D

  165. Marinita Kotinkar Says:

    Paws is doing a gr8 job for thw welfare of all animals… Keep it up and continue doing the hard work that you guys are in…

  166. Ashwin Acharya Says:

    Good Work PAWS, You all are doing a great work.Good Luck…

  167. Ravi Says:

    Very Good work PAWS…..
    Please keep doing your activities

  168. was an absolute pleasure to work with you for the Free Vaccination Camp for stray dogs…. God bless

  169. Madhavi Says:

    PAWS has always been extraordinarily prompt when there is an animal in distress. It is indeed the lifeline to animal welfare in our metropolis.

  170. Says:

    I have known Mr Nilesh for 2 years. His work in against animal cruelty is commendable. He has caught many snakes, scorpios, etc in the company. Good wook. Kindly keep it up.

  171. Omkar Says:

    Great work team PAWS :-) GOD BLESS U !!!!!

  172. Royston Alex Says:

    I have participated in some activities with PAWS since past 3 years and it has been the most inspiring time of my life… I have seen the dedication towards animal welfare in every individual working with PAWS, together spreading awareness and creating a mark in the society. A BIG CHEERS TO PAWS!!!

  173. tushar parab Says:

    outstanding work nilesh!!keep it on!!

  174. MaHesH Says:

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated…..

    Excellent, extra ordinary work NiLesH….. keeping going

  175. Shantanu Says:

    PAWS Thane has been doing Great work consistently for long time!
    Good luck and Keep up the good work!

  176. Rajas Mhatre Says:

    If a man is in pain he can say it……n likewise could get help from others……..
    But what about the poor animals……….who wud understand der pain……..
    this role is played by PAWS……understanding animals……..their sufferings…….
    Hats off to this noble cause………..
    Keep up the gud work!

  177. Siddhant jadhav Says:

    Amazing n differnt work done by PAWS…..n i also like 2 contribute in u r work!!!
    gooood luck….
    keep it up….

  178. Dee Says:

    Great work! Good Karma!!

  179. Shilpa Says:

    Good work team PAWS! With more & more helping hands hoping that the suffering& cruelty of poor animals & birds comes to an end soon.. All the best..keep up the noble work u guys r doing..

  180. Rohan Barbade Says:

    You guys are doing such a great job by helping the animals.
    Its our job that we do our best to help the helpless rather than just ignoring and walking away!
    Hats off to your hard work, your dedication, your patience for this awesome work.
    Do not stop ever. RESPECT!!!

  181. Padma Suryawanshi Says:

    I have attended PAWS’s rescue and plantation programs…it was a wonderful experience working with all the Volunteer who had the same vision what PAWS stands for…it’s very nice to have such organization work so hard for the welfare of Animals… i wish PAWS all the very best…

  182. Congratulations on the work being done till date… Stay Blessed: Babs

  183. nisha mathew Says:

    2 months of internship at PAWS was the most fulfilling experience in my life. Nilesh and his Team have done an incredible job and I was proud to be a part of it :) Keep up the good work!

  184. Manoj Baviksar Says:

    Very nice work u are doing for animals !!!!!!!!!! PAWS doing great job !!!!!!!!!!

  185. Nikesh Vora Says:

    almost 14k animals saved by this NGO…
    awesome job. but the question arrises wht is government doing…?
    hats off to PAWS team

  186. Varad Giri Says:

    I was really surprised to see the amount of work done by PAWS since its inception. I was reading about their work in various print media but was now aware about the ‘quality and quantity’ of their work. This is really a great service to the Society. I personally appreciate the efforts of the members of PAWS to taking this task and doing it meticulously. I also wish to support in one way or the other so if you need any assistance from my end please let me know.

    I wish a grand success to PAWS team in their future endeavors.


  187. Soheil Says:

    U GUYZ ROCK ! Helping animals in a great way! I solute you all and have my best wishes for you ! WAY TO GO!

  188. Sanjay Says:

    Paws team has been doing a great job, I am amazed to see the kind of work they are doing in whatever limited resources they have, will encourage everybody to participate in this great cause and contribute in whatever way they can. Thanks Nilesh for your extra ordinary work.

  189. Adv. Jonathan D'sylva Says:

    Real dedication!! Keep up the good work!!

  190. ishabsoni Says:

    Great Job guys! keep the good work going. All the best for your future projects.

  191. Prasenjeet Says:

    Hi Nilesh, I have been seeing PAWS dedication for a long time now. You and your team is doing a great work. All the best.

  192. hirenjoshi Says:

    speach less work

  193. Kia Pierce Says:

    I have no words for the amazing work that Nilesh and his team are doing ~ their compassion and dedication are a credit to the human race. Thank you PAWS, from my heart, for making this world a better place, both for the countless animals that you save, and for all of us whose hearts are warmed by knowing of your kindness and care. Cheers to you!

  194. Manishaa Says:

    Hats Off to Paws for their great work and support to voiceless animals. They show the animal lovers like me a path to help pets in this meaningful world, where most of the people are selfish and hurt such animals in every turn.. It gives strength to every animal lover to fight for their buddies.. Keep it up..

  195. carla walker Says:

    Thank you for introducing me to your great cause….many so called animal lovers in other countries should take a look……where there is a will,there is always a way ! you are truly an insperation….thank you.

  196. muarli Says:

    Really a great hats off to that pigeon which died in front of nilesh and made him to think do this job and even a great hats off to nilesh for doing this awesome job..its really a good job because in this world except man no animals can say about their pain and no people helps them. so may god bless nilesh and all the paws volunteer for long life to help all the injured and suffering animals.

  197. genoria Says:

    Hello thanks ,for directing me to this page.i feel that you are doing much good in the world for the animals.i am an animal lover myself.keep up the great work.greeting from Cala Rajada,Mallorca!Genoria

  198. Sanju Paul Says:

    Helping the poor helpless animals is a noblest kind of job on Earth, may almighty bless ur endeavours. As a veterinarian I can well understand the effort you put in helping n rescuing animals. Keep the good work up.

  199. mudit kucheria Says:

    PAWS has been doing really a very great job for the voiceless. seldom do i come across people who have given their life and soul for this work. People at PAWS have a different purpose in life. i congratulate and wish them luck on their work. i’ll always be available to help them in my own little way.
    A long way to go PAWS.
    Cheers in the name of all good times.

  200. Neetha Says:

    In the huge circle of life, it is a miracle to see the fantabulous work PAWS is doing. Cheers to all of u!

  201. Anjali Sharma Says:

    Very happy to see the work you’re doing, Nilesh Bhanage and team. Keep it up.

  202. Aarti Dhopawkar Says:

    Since nature does not provide supportive care to animals when they are hurt, abandoned, injured or sick, they need PAWS.

    P- Preventing animal cruelty and providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals.
    A- Awareness on raising and understanding animals.
    W- Winsome smile of the team members.
    S- Setting international standards for animal rescue training.

  203. Rishi singh Says:

    Its great to know this NGO ,, i am also in animal welfare but not connected with any NGO,, u all r doing really a very great job for the poor soul, keep it up.,, :)

  204. Dharmesh Solanki Says:

    PAWS under the leadership of Mr. Nilesh Bhanage is been doing a wonderful work of helping animals in Thane and adjoining places since many years now. I know Mr. Bhanage since many years now and have seen him grow day by day helping animals and have worked very hard to bring PAWS to very big lime light. I wish all the very best to PAWS team and render my support for the cause. Great work Nilesh and PAWS, you have been doing wonderful work. Keep it up. Let me know, if I can be of any help any time.

  205. Pritesh Bare Says:

    Hey Hey Hey… PAWS rocks all the time…
    The Nilesh and team doing the amazing job in this field. Nilesh planted a small sapling called PAWS and now it is becoming a huge tree day by day…
    All the Best guys..!!!

  206. Sanmit raje Says:

    I am thankful to PAWS for saving countless number of distressed animals on street! Fullfilling the needs of each and every animal is not possible but PAWS is nearly up to the mark! Group of young and hardworking volanteers is the weapon to fight against animal cruelty and many more issues in welfare work! I wish you all the best for your welfare work!

  207. Bijoy Saha Says:

    HI To All PAWS Team!!!

    Great Work Done by u all towards those voiceless & helpless creatures and hope will be continuing doing good work in future….

    My best wishes will be always with you all…!!!

  208. sujit Says:

    hi PAWS
    i am a photographer n i love nature , i salute you who works for the helpless creatures . . . . keep it up . . . . . world need u

  209. Amrita Says:

    Hi Team PAWS
    The work you all are doing is awesome. WIsh there were more people like you.
    If there is anything I can do in any small way, please feel free to let me know.

    All the best for your great work in the year ahead

  210. pooja vijaygopal Says:

    Great work guys:)

  211. Sunita Says:

    PAWS is doing a great job and priceless service to the society by taking care of stray and abandoned animals. I admire the passionate efforts of Team PAWS and the volunteers.. Best luck..


  212. The campaigns and projects of PAWS show dedication, compassion and leadership. I hope they inspire other people in India and around the world to also take action on behalf of animals. Please join me in congratulating PAWS on a job well done.

  213. Suyash kotian Says:

    It is a great initiative by Mr.Nilesh Bhanage.. Members & Volunteers of PAWS are fully dedicated to their work. Because of their hardwork now people too are getting involved in helping the animals. Congratulations PAWS for the splendid work you all are doing.. My Best Wishes are with you Team PAWS..:D

  214. ADITYA S VICHARE. Says:

    Team P.A.W.S. is doing great job for animals and plants…..Its not easy to keep doing this hard work for many years with same dedication and love and also by keeping feet on ground.So salute to u nilesh sir.Also m proud that i am the part of such an NGO.Keep going on and on……
    My best wishes will be always with u…… :-)

  215. renil Says:

    Its like type of friends for animals… they just need you and you are doing a great job!!! Great Work Done by u all towards those voiceless creatures.If there is anything I can do, let me know.

  216. vinay kumar Says:

    I have no words for the amazing work that Nilesh and his team are doing ~ their compassion and dedication are a credit to the human race. Thank you PAWS, from my heart, for making this world a better place, Very happy to see the work you’re doing, less people showing mercy to mouth less life… i ask god to give more energy and strength to help like the problem animals…. tell is any help from my side i stay in Anekal road Bangalore if any voelanter help from my side i all ways help animals

  217. lauren Says:

    God bless Nilesh and his team, what fantastic and utmost worthy job they do, without wanting praise or rewards. Keep up the great work, PAWS, friends and volunteers, I wish I could be there to help you!!

  218. Jane Says:

    I’m so glad you guys are there to look after the animals in Mumbai. I’ve seen some very sorry sights there. Nice to know someone cares. Keep up the good work, You guys are amazing

  219. Tandrali Kuli Says:

    Nilesh Bhanage and PAWS deserves all the help and appreciation possible for the great work they do. Animal Welfare in a country like India is not easy and to see the tireless efforts of the PAWS team is indeed an inspiration to others. They prove that every body can and should make a contribution however small. It goes a long to help a suffering animal. Keep going guys!

  220. Mini Says:

    Nilesh Bhanage Ur Jst Dng A vry Good Job …. Hats Of To U , Iam So Glad To See U Tht U CAre For Animals A Lot … I wud Lyk To B Part Of It Wud Seriously Lyk To Hellp U N Be Part Of It .. :)

  221. Rajat Says:

    FB & this website helps us keep track of the excellent work done by PAWS..Nilesh , you and your team Rock!! You sure are an inspiration for many budding animal lovers. Keep up the good work.. God Bless..

  222. maidenead Says:

    PAWS doing a great job good luck people

  223. Rinky Says:

    Great job PAWS! Keep up the good work!

  224. I don’t say that every citizen should become an animal lover. I don’t say that each one should have pets at home. Respect. That is the least one can do for the voiceless animals and also for the people who are working day and night to make a difference. Open your eyes and raise your voice whenever you see something that pinches you and makes you look away. If it hurts you somewhere, imagine the plight of the animals going through the torture. Become aware of the laws and stand up for the rights of these souls. Become a better human.

  225. Tanur S Says:

    A team so dedicated to such a noble cause. You are a testament to the pessimism that exists regarding making a change for animals in India. Good work, good intentions. March on, for the path is long. wishing you courage and hope to offer help wherever possible….

  226. Dr. Jay Shinde Says:

    Great work PAWS and Nilesh! Its wonderful what you are doing for the animals. Keep the good work coming!

  227. Alwin.John Says:

    I love the way PAWS works, Nilesh i’m truely honour’d to help you guys last time for the vaccination which we did in kalyan for the strays, thanks to you guys. The people in that locality has appreciated and have got a very good learning about how a person should love animals. I’m very happy to see that, there are no people in that area who actually hurt strays now.
    Thanks a lot Nilesh.
    Hoping to be a part with PAWS again.


  228. anil mahajan Says:

    I have been know about PAWS from 25th pakshimitra sammelan, which in i got first prize for presentation.
    Great work PAWS and Nilesh!

  229. shantanu kelkar Says:

    good worked done bye the team member of paws…. protect the animal life doing good deeds ——hats off 2 u all

  230. omkar ghare Says:

    your work is speechless ilike your work very much.keep it up!!best wishes from me for yours work

  231. mrs bhuju bhandare Says:

    hi nilesh and the paws team,
    I’m so glad you guys are there to look after the animals in Mumbai and as far as you can reach hats of to you and your team, i really thank you all for being there for the poor stray animals. I’ve seen some very sorry sights there. Nice to know someone cares. Keep up the good work, You guys are amazing

  232. Mehul Kanade Says:

    I found Little Cobra outside of House , My Sister called to team PAWS and team reached within 10 mins to my house….. I really appreciate PAWS work and dedication.keep the good work going on and on…. All the best… Do let me know if I can contribute to PAWS.

    Mehul Kanade

  233. Dr Naveen Pandey Says:

    It has been a pleasure to watch PAWS grow, step by step. I have been following PAWS’ activities, online and offline, since 2003 and have seen the group come a long way. It is a true response to the growing need of animal care. A forced organisation fails to transcend the message of love and compassion whereas an organisation growing out and flowing like a pure river radiates positive vibes and in the process helps many minds and soul. Thank you PAWS for being such an organisation. The work done on rescue of sick and abandoned animals and the sustained awareness programmes have direct and indirect impact on the lives of hundreds of animals. all the very best to PAWS team. May you grow more and help more. Dr Naveen Pandey. 18th July 2012.

  234. shardul warange , panvel dist. raigad Says:

    i heard about paws so many times in news, the mission you all are open for all living creature (sirf insan ko chodke ) is really grate , i wish i will also join you all .

  235. Pria Says:

    Your care and compassion to innocent helpless animals is very evident in your work. Mass educating the people is very crucial in India and it should begin in all schools as a subject to study on social care of animals and campaigning against cruelty of any form. Imagine our World environment without animals, birds, nature or trees, all because we didn’t look after our nature and other species besides ourselves. Our World would look so sad, lonely and miserable having only human species left in it. The work you do of rescue and care contributes to sustaining our environment, helping it to maintain its rich diversity our Creator God provided to us from the beginning of time. We must continue to celebrate its richness, variety and abundance by looking after other creatures we share our world with. After all they have as much right as we have to live and be treated humanely. Thank you Nilesh, Goodicia and your teams for your tireless efforts and very rewarding work you do. Pria, United Kingdom

  236. Jayendra Says:

    really appreciated work… three claps for this…

  237. falguni Says:

    paws r supercool….really appreciated their work..really proud of nilesh and his team…wish u lots of luck..stay blessed

  238. Janki Patel Says:

    Excellent work by P.A.W.S. !doing a great job for great cause of animal welfare..
    I would personally like to thank PAWS founder Mr.NILESH BHANAGE for all his hard work and for spreading have been an inspiration to all of us..
    Wish you all the best..
    Please let me know if I can be of any help.

  239. mahesh Says:

    gud job team,hope i get a chance 2 join u all friends.
    keep going

  240. jitesh jotwani Says:

    when i saw an injured dog on ulhasnagar station, when i saw a sick pup crying on kalyan station, an injured dog in thane east; Nilesh and his gang were there on the spot withing an hr to help the animal. Nilesh and his gang of employees, volunteers are committed and respond immediately for any help needed for any distressed animal.

    – Jitesh Jotwani, Head of People for Animals Pune branch

  241. Snakefreak Adithya Says:

    nice……….. heart touching…….. indeed…… great devotion guys……… keep up the great service…….. and i thank u on behalf of all the animals you rescued, saved, and provided shelter and food…….. thank you…….

  242. hari bhardwaj Says:

    thats amazing work u guys doing….. i just want to say all the best nd keep putting ur effort for our beloved furry friend…. keep becoming their voice…… the best part we animal activist is missing quite while is in india is humane education, but i m happy that u guys doing this nd doing it with creatively , what make this more interesting nd give more success ….

  243. natasha bhandare Says:

    gr8 animal welfare

  244. trupti Says:

    you are doing gr8 for these poor unprotected animals very hard job all the best………

  245. Venkat Suresh Says:

    Wow!! I am touched by the service you people are doing for those innocent animals. Only people with lot of compassion, care, love in heart can do such great service. This organization, I am sure is chosen one by God. Your organization is such an inspiration for all of animal lovers here. My heartiest wishes to PAW.

  246. Sunil Sawant Says:

    Nilesh & PAWS team, I really appreciate and salute the work which you people diligently doing for the stray animals. It shows the greatest of human value. I’ll pray to god to remove all the obstacles from your path. Keep it up guys and may god bless all of you.

  247. Swapnashri Adelkar Menon Says:

    Happy to know, PAWS is really keeping up to save animal life and their well-being at this hour of time ……..Congratulations and all the best to keep up all the efforts and for sucessful running …….god bless all…….

  248. Sanjiv Says:

    All the best to you guys! Hope to see you expanding field work to Mumbai city side as well – esp. for legal cases involving cruelty to street animals and harassment faced by people who are compassionate towards animals. As a suggestion, why don’t you put up a separate section on the site where people can understand these matters and download templates for legal notices, letters, etc that they’d have to write, sicne you’ve already got them ready? And maybe provide the contact details for people who might help with legal advice on these things? Would really help a lot of people I know! As always, you ll always have helping hands here, cheers!

  249. karenlyonskalmenson Says:

    you are great heroes,
    in a world filled
    with zeroes☺♥☻

  250. Jetson Joseph Says:

    You people are doing grate effort for these innocent poor animals.This is a real inspiration for all.All my god wishes to you people to continue with the work and more people to join with.

  251. krishna Raj Says:

    Nileshji and folks, If not for you guys at PAWS, many animals in Mumbai would’nt have made much progress with their rescues and rehabilitation in your shelter. My heartfelt wishing the very best to PAWS team. May you grow more and more help to all voiceless souls that you care for.

  252. Chetan Thakur Says:

    you guys are really great ….Keep up the good work

  253. Dear NIlesh bhange and PAWS , God has created you as his special angels to counter the work of human devils who inflict horror and pain on these beautiful souls , I am praying for you , you and your team are human yet angels

    H.e Sir Mehernosh shroff

  254. saurabh Says:

    Paws is the best community you guys are great.keep up the good work.

  255. To PAWS,
    A dedicated team of individuals that are passionate about their cause of animal rescue,welfare,awareness and forever on the go!!!.here is wishing you success in all your future endeavours.your work is truly commendable and speaks for itself.

  256. Rama Srinivasan Says:

    PAWS is one such wonderful organization which is doing a great job for the welfare of animals, with so much love and dedication by its volunteers. My sincere prayers for the welfare of all its volunteers so that they can carry on with this divinely work. YOU ALL WILL DEFINITELY TOUCH GOD’S HEART.

  257. Siddhesh Says:

    There are a Lot of animals who get ill treated and sometimes even die due to improper care and facilities. PAWS is doing a very great job helping these animals in every way possible. We support you PAWS. keep up the good deed..!

  258. Kala Iyer Says:

    One thing I have experienced with PAWS is that their rescue team is very prompt and ready to help any time. Nilesh and his team of volunteers are doing a great service to nature and its inhabitants who actually look upto mankind for help and support for sustenance. My kudos to him and his team members who are doing such selfless and precious service to alleviate the living and even the dying conditions of animals staying in and around our houses.I would keep in mind of the requirements that you have posted on ur blog about various items u require in your Murbad centre and will surely donate any of these items whenever I can.

  259. vishal vengurlekar Says:

    The Work PAWS is doing is really commendable..according to me..It truly really deserves all the respect..tell me how i can help being a student..i wish that we have a PAWS branch in Pune too.!

  260. manali parab Says:

    sir…m very pleased that m part of your organization…i really adore you for your work!
    seriously sir m very thankful to you for doing such an indeed deed for animals..!
    hats off to you!

  261. Dar Says:

    These are great people and i wish wish wish we had groups like them helping with the animals here in the usa. They are the best example of what animal welfare groups should be about!!!!! AMEN!!!

  262. vinay kulkarni Says:

    i chek all updates of PAWS …. n really hatsoff to PAWS!!! really appriciate ur wrk!! \m/….

  263. Monish Grover Says:

    I still remember the first time I helped a stray dog, nothing much just gave him some thing to eat and further I felt good about him, I was at peace. I thought is there anyone else who does it all, Who help our animals, i was able to feed just one what about all of them? then I saw PAWS, Nilesh and Team are one of the greatest people I know, It takes a lot of courage to do what they do as a daily routine work. Their hardwork and love towards animals is like sacred blessings to us. I wish I could come there and give them my helping hand in their noble cause.

  264. poretsi Says:

    Awesome work PAWS !! Going to share this on my fb site !

  265. gargi gogoi Says:

    You guys are doing a commendable job with a lot dedication and hard work . I sincerely hopethat more financial support for your activities pour in from all corners so that you can do much more. Kudos to you!!!

  266. Parag Mistry Says:

    I have had instances when I needed help with regards to stray animals and injured birds. The best help was provided by PAWS, just a call and you are guided through how to take care of them till the time PAWS team arrives. Hats off… Save mother earth and living creatures who cannot speak.

  267. Pradeep Says:


  268. Pooja Chavan Says:

    Keep up the good work guys. Its a pleasure reading about your good work and team efforts, rekindles hope.

  269. Vedant Raju Kasambe Says:

    I like this site very much and i will remember it in my life.

  270. jay Says:

    i feel happy n proud to be a volunteer with paws.

  271. I have participated in some activities with PAWS and it was one of the best work my life… it’s my pleasure to work as a volunteer in PAWS. GOOD WORK TEAM PAWS !!!

  272. Neetu John Says:

    Hi PAWS! it gives me immense pleasure 2 visit such a beautiful site wer notin but truth n harsh facts r xposed… May God bless u n giv u ol d strength 2 help more animals in need n to stay strong in tiz inhuman world…..STAY STRONG PAWS!!!!!!

  273. rajat Says:

    paws well name is nly whch tell tht hw mch all of u care foh all animals ths shws tht hw mch paws hav luv n affectn towrds speechles animals…….n hope so whr evr u all wl need my help thn thr always foh u n keep goin on with the same…….

  274. Please send the details on mentioning everything

  275. sunaina Says:

    amazing work done! keep up the good work!

  276. Tina Maria Says:

    You guys do an amazing job in one of the most difficult places to do it. I applaud your dedication and endless efforts to help any and every animal in trouble. As an animal rescuer in Thailand – where things are also pretty dire, coming from me, with my understanding of maggot infestations, starvation cases, machete attacks and poisonings, my regard for you holds a lot of weight. I sincerely appreciate all you go through to do what you do, as well as what you do, your sacrifices and pain, the feeling of never really making a difference, because there is so much misery to fight, the disappointment, frustration, anger, hopelessness, but unceasing dedication anyway. Much love to you all, you are angels.

  277. Gaurav gharat Says:

    Very nice Work….

  278. Chitra Says:

    Thanks for being for us..
    Thanks for your endless efforts..
    Thanks for working hard for us..
    Thanks for lending your helping hand..
    Thanks for struggling for us..
    Little four-legged loved ones

  279. bhartijha Says:

    I love the way they work out for animal wellfair!!!!! My self proud to be volunter of P
    AWS <3<3:-)

  280. Deepu Valecha Says:

    Really this is a awesome work,I appreciate you n ur work…

  281. Mayank C Vora. Says:

    Really proud of nilesh…wish u lots of luck..stay blessed dear….!

  282. “PAWS Thane” was indeed a superb post. If merely there were much more blogs like this one in the cyberspace.
    Well, thank you for your precious time, Mohammed

  283. ” Paws Nilesh ” should I say always comes through for animals in distress… So proud of the work you do and glad we all work together… cheers.. Shirley Advani -Menon (Founder – Save Our Strays)

  284. ketan patel Says:

    I wants to become member of your ngo
    can you suggest me from where i can get sparrow home.
    Ketan Patel

  285. Madhuri d jadhav Says:

    I want to work with you as a volunteer to help those innocents.

  286. Samanwita Roy Says:

    I am really pleased to read about your work. I want to help the stray animals and birds at Mira Road. If you can lead me some help I want to go ahead. All organisations are far off from here. By the time they reach here the animals and birds are dead. Samanwita. 9699744696

  287. Pravin Says:

    I have seen pictures of many animals rescued by PAWS team, Great Team efforts. Look forward some time to rescue animal with PAWS team.

  288. Raj Maru Says:

    The noblest work one can do is to help those creatures who cannot speak for themselves and PAWS is doing that job with great enthusiasm and efforts. From rescuing an injured animal to rehabilitating it, and from organizing vaccination event to organizing awareness programs PAWS has always puts its best efforts, and is the best animal help organization all over Thane. Hats off to their work….. Keep it up guys, you all are doing the most selfless service to others which is beyond appreciation. :)

  289. karishma Says:

    NILESH Tum apni ngo k madhyam se animal welfare k liye jo karya ker rahe ho wah srahniya hai or prernadayak bhi b. BEST OF LUCK FOR FUTURE

  290. pooja Says:

    how to join ur company

  291. Sachin Wani Says:

    Gr8 going PAWS team.

    All the best wishes for your efforts and future.
    You are doing awesome job guys… keep the same moto and strength.

    Sachin Wani
    Property Chef Consulting Services

  292. Divya Raichura Says:

    I am proud being a member of plant and animal welfare society(PAWS).PAWS is doing a great social work for the animal welfare since years and will continue to do the same.

  293. Raj Karnik Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m Raj Karnik volunteer of PAWS and its almost a year working with PAWS
    And I must say that the way this NGO works hats-off to them…
    So much efforts,dedication as well as honesty reflects from their work.
    CEO of Paws Mr.Nilesh Bhanage is a mastermind.
    The way he manages all the calls ,his dedication to his work is just great…
    No wonder the staff is also coordinating.
    Loving animals is not enough…helping them is their difficult condition is what
    I learned from PAWS and thats the reason i love this Organization.
    Come Join this NGO and help us in welfare of animals.

  294. rajitha Says:

    hey i and my friend wants to join PAWS….we just love animals specially dogs…..and we want help the street dogs who are badly injured and effected by dangerous disease we want to help them…..and my question is i am 15 yrs old in this age can i joint PAWS?

  295. vinod Says:

    Hey guys keep up the good work. I wish to volunteer for PAWS. I live in mulund. If you services here please mail me the details

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