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Total Number Of Animals Helped

Since July 2001: 42,272 & Counting…


An injured pigeon rescue in the year 1998, paved the way in the creation of an NGO in the KDMC area that would revolutionize the field of animal welfare in the years to come. During those days a group of youngsters used to go around on their bikes to help injured animals with the help of vets. But they realized the need to bring a unique transformation in the field of animal welfare across the suburbs of Mumbai. Plants and Animals Welfare Society aka PAWS was founded on 11th January 2001 by Nilesh Bhanage, Anuradha Ramaswamy and other like-minded people with the vision to voice the distress of animals.

PAWS also received its 1st Ambulance in 2001 from Ahmednagar SPCA which help a great deal to transport injured animals for treatment. There was no going back after that. PAWS has bloomed from a handful for animal lovers to a volunteer army of more than 300 volunteers across Mumbai. Besides managing PAWS administration and rescues, Nilesh also had a regular job in Mumbai until July 2010. Finally, he left his job realizing that PAWS would need his full-time attention.

In 2009, PAWS got possession of a Rescue Center in Murbad, thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi & Pritish Nandy towards Animals. This rescue center was operational in 1994-95 and later was lying unused and abandoned. The rescue center is located in Murbad about 45kms of away from Dombivali. After being operational in November 2009, the center has been a witness to miracles because of the compassion and dedication of employee for saving animals. What started as a basic structure to keep animals for treatment, Murbad Rescue Center, has transformed into a fully-fledged animal hospital with its own Operation Theater using world class equipment.

18 years since its foundation, PAWS has set a milestone in the field of animal welfare. With a fleet of 3 ambulances, 1 fully operational rescue center and its dedicated volunteer army, PAWS looks forward to achieve its goal of providing a more compassionate society in which our furry friends are also part of and are taken care with utmost care and love.

PAWS works on multiple frontiers of animal welfare to become the voice of the voiceless. Besides the daily rescue and treatment of strays, PAWS organizes Anti-rabies vaccinations on weekends to prevent the spread of rabies. PAWS conducts awareness programs in school, colleges, companies and societies, to sensitize them about animal welfare. Finding good homes for the adoption of stray pups and kittens is also taken care by PAWS. Tree plantation events are organized during pre-monsoon period.