Our Management




Ms. Anuradha Ramaswami – Hon. Secretary


Ms. Poornima Balan – Hon. Treasurer


Ms. Anjali Ekbote – Trustee

Ms. Renuka Rai – Trustee

Ms. Neeta Parwatey – Trustee


Ms. Goodicia Vaidya – Trustee


List of Paid Professionals / Staff as on today with PAWS Murbad Center:



Designation / Reporting Location


Mrs. Pratima Datar (Full Time) Hospital Manager ( Murbad Center)


Dr. Mandar Gavkar (M. V. Sc.)

Visiting Surgeon (Murbad Center)


Ms. Mira Tiwari

 Center Caretaker (Murbad Center)


Mr. Raju Tiwari (Full Time)

Resident Center Caretaker (Murbad Center)


Mr. Suresh Khutare (Full Time)

Center Caretaker (Murbad Center)


Mr. Pradeep Shangare (Full Time)

Para-vet (Murbad Center)

List of Paid Professionals / Staff as on today with PAWS Office & Ambulance:



Designation / Reporting Location


Mr. Nilesh Bhanage (Full Time)

CEO & Executive Director (PAWS Office)


Mr. Navin SAlve (Full Time)

Ambulance Driver (PAWS Office)


Ms. Shilpa Rane (Full Time)

Ambulance Attendant & Feeding In-Charge

(PAWS Office)



Ambulance Calls / Bird Rescuer (PAWS Office)

Staff Strength As On Today is 12.

Our monthly salaries goes upto Rs. 1,25,000/-. We need your help in donations to pay staff. To make a donation, see https://pawsasia.wordpress.com/you-can-help/

List of Active Volunteers Who Help PAWS Voluntarily In Day-to-day Affairs This Month:

Dr. Anahita Kumar, Dr. Lalitha Gopalan, Ritesh Vora, Dr. Neetu John, Omkar Subramanian, Kishore Savle, Anusharee Parmeshwaran, Nisha Tellis, Rahul Pagare, Frenny Patole, Amit Sangoi, Bhaskar Iyer, Prasanna Menon, Shubha Shetty, Raj Maru, Shilpa Harkare, Seema Prabhu, Chandan Kalangutkar, Swapna Joshi, Raj Karnik, Eunicia Vaz, Bharat Jain, Kala Jaywant, Mousumi Mehnadale-Bhagat, Vayshalee, Jaya Pai, Glen Almeda, Ajay Raghunath, Devendra Nilakhe, Sahil.Raman, Regha Parameswaram, Sadhana.Sabharwal, Dipti Jadhav, Shailesh Kerkar, Rajeshwari Nadar, & Kaustav Bhattacharji.


Staff Welfare Activities:

PAWS management is equally concerned about the welfare of its staff. Apart from their regular salary & Wages, we provide further facilities to our staff.

  1. Staff Quarters facility – Throughout year
  2. Medi-claim Insurance Facility for free hospitalization – Annually
  3. Accident Death Insurance Policy – Annually
  4. Mobile Talk-time Refill for Rescue Staff – every month
  5. 3 Uniform Sets – Per Year
  6. Rain coats & Umbrella – Rainy Season
  7. Safety Shoes – Rainy Season
  8. Household Items, Kitchenware & Food Grains for Hospital Staff – Monthly
  9. Anti-Rabies & Tetanus Vaccination – Annually
  10. Loans & Advances in cash – As & when staff requires
  11. Local conveyance reimbursement
  12. Traveling Allowance – Monthly
  13. Staff Lunch – Everyday

Apart from this, free access to all PAWS events with family, access books & periodicals, internet service for office staff. All the staff is given adequate training & well-equipped for different types of rescue.

We spend above 1 Lakh each year on above facilities, If you would like to sponsor any of above facility, please e-mail us on pawsnilesh@gmail.com



3 thoughts on “Our Management”

  1. At present I have three kittens of more than 2 and half months old of which two are male and one is female. I want to put them for adoption. Their colour is light brown and rusty. I want to give them in safe hands because I diont want to release them in fish market.

    It is my request to you that kindly help me find a person who can adopt them.


    Ranjeet Jadhav



  2. Hye there its a nice job you guys do out there.
    I got one problem i don’t seem to find contact number for people to contact when there’s a situation.
    Can I get contact number of an animal rescuist from Kalyan cos there’s lot of snake problem here over at my place, and people dont even bother to see if it’s poisinous or not, they just kill it.
    So if you can please provide me with a contact number to call anyone from Kalyan I would be grateful…..


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