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Disaster Management By PAWS

PAWS tries to help animals in distress during such natural calamities within its own limits in any way possible, from sending supplies to doing actual ground work. PAWS helped over 300 sick & distressed animals during Mumbai area floods in 2005.


Team PAWS sent out over 300 kg of food & medical parcels to KERALA AND KARNATAKA. Our five team members helped in COORG for feeding the hungery and also helped in first-aid treatments.


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26th May, 2016 a blast occurred at the chemical factory in MIDC, Dombivli. Two out of four reactors caused this magnanimous blast which killed 3 people and injured around 100 people. Deepesh Mhatre, the local Shiv Sena Leader called up PAWS Dombivli that a bull was injured near the blast site, and it was also tied up, hence he could not escape. No sooner this was heard, Nilesh Bhanage, founder of PAWS swung into action  & with his team of volunteers reached to the blast site to rescue the bull.

Thereafter, on receiving several calls from locals around, PAWS sent its ambulance immediately to check for other injured animals. They found 2 dogs who had unfortunately died under the debris of the blast. Also, an injured kingfisher bird has been rescued by PAWS. Several Crows & Pigeons were dead cause of shock. All the dead bodies to murbad Center for burial & injured birds brought 2 PAWS office.





To help the victims (stray animals) of the flood and ongoing rainfall in Chennai, PAWS had arranged Medicines and Supplies.


2015 Nepal Earthquake

After the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015, which caused a devastating death toll of a several thousands, PAWS sent medicines and supplies for animal aid  in association with  “People for Animals Pune (PFA)”.


After the Nepal Earthquake, Animal NGOs in Nepal started requesting for help on Facebook and other social media platforms as they were severely unequipped to cope with the disaster. They required volunteers who could come and stay with them for a week and help them out. They faced a shortage of veterinary staff and volunteers as the staff themselves were personally affected by the earthquake.
Team PAWS responded to their request and decided to send a team of volunteers to assist the existing NGOs and also carried supplies for animals (such as dry food, medicines, etc) and humans (such as t-shirts, blankets, sanitary pads, dry food packets, etc). They formed a team comprising of volunteers from 3 Maharashtra NGOS : PAWS, PFA Pune and Ramanugrah Trust.

IMG-20150514-WA0025IMG-20150514-WA0028IMG-20150514-WA0022IMG-20150514-WA0029 Team 1 left on the 3rd of May with a total of 127 kgs of relief material packed into boxes, costing approx. 1,60,000/- Nepali Rupees which were donated by PAWS Supporters. The material was distributed among Pashupati Mandir Gaushala, Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society, Animal Nepal & Street Dog Care Nepal.

The material carried for humans like anti-septic sprays, creams & cloths, bedding were distributed to villagers via ‘Burns Violence Survivors’ NGO working for women.


The second team from Maharashtra left for Nepal on the 17th of May with a total of 200 kgs of relief material for the affected animals and humans. The team consisting of volunteers from Ramanugrah Trust, PFA Pune & PAWS continued assisting the Nepal NGO’s Kathmandu Gaushala, Animal Nepal, Street Dog Care and Bhaktapur Animal society (BAWS).


The relief materials for animals included dog catching nets, dog graspers, life saving drugs, anti biotics and medical consumables required by ANIMAL NEPAL NGO in Nepal. An entire year’s medical consumables and anti- biotics stock required by Kathmandu Gaushala was also carried the team.


IMG-20150519-WA0042The animal welfare organizations constantly needed volunteers, to help them in shelter cleaning activities, and local rescues as most of their staff and volunteers had left for their native places or suffered personal losses. They required massive amounts of help to rescue animals affected by the earthquake as well as take in the abandoned pets. Hence, the Maharashtra Team helped fulfill the need of volunteers faced by these NGOS and helped in the rescue of many animals which were still trapped under debris. The team personally experienced 2 aftershocks during their second trip.unnamed20150519_164655

The team along with Animal Nepal also had a meeting with the Kathmandu Gaushala to help them make suggestions of improvements they can implement to improve their functioning.unnamed1

They were generously thanked by all the NGO’S in Nepal that they had helped during the course of their 2 trips to provide relief to the animals affected by the Nepal earthquake.



A Special Thanks to our donors & the NGO’s who donated materials and supplies in huge quantities for this disaster which was carried by us to Nepal.
• Podar School Parents, kalyan
• Inner-wheel Club of Dombivli
• Rotary Club of Saudamini, Dombivli
• Manav Jyot Foundation, Dombivli
• Karuna Pariwar Trust, Goregoan
• Manoj Oswal, Kala Jaywant, Bhavin Ghatani, Firoza Chavda, Rajen Gala, Anamika Sengupta, Tanmay Daga for sending help.

2005 Mumbai Floods

In the 2005 Mumbai Floods many parts of Maharashtra including large areas of  Mumbai were flooded, in which at least 5,000 people died. PAWS undertook physical ground work to help the affected animals and rescued around 300 animals with assistance from “Wildlife SOS”.


2004 Tsunami

After the 2004 tsunami, which caused devastating loss in South India, PAWS sent medicines & other supplies for animals in association with Delhi Based NGO “Wildlife SOS”.



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