Our Rescue Center Need List


POSTED ON 21-02-2018


POSTED ON 19-01-2017

POSTED ON 15-01-2015

Name Approx Cost Frequency of Requirement
Shed Over Rescue Center (Approx. 5000 sq. ft. area of rescue center, needs Permanent shed to save center from Rainy Leakage) Rs. 5,00,000 One Time
Maruti Omni Ambulance(Our Organization require Maruti Omni Ambulance to continue our domestic stray animals rescues in Thane Dist.) Rs.3,50,000 One Time
Painting of Animal Rescue Center(Our Rescue Center needs white painting along with blue strip painting all over center) Rs. 90,000 One Time
Laptop For Office Use One Time – 1 No.
Desktop PC One Time – 1 No.
Fixing of Paver Blocks in kennel Bays Rs. 2,00,000 One Time


Name Approx Cost Frequency of Requirement
CFL Lights 25 Nos. – Yearly
Green Wire Mesh 1 Full Roll – One Time
Dog Food 10,000 Per Month
Rice 5,000 Per Month
Medical Consumables 10,000 Per Month
Medicines & Vaccines 10,000 Per Month
Hygiene & Cleaning Material 5,000 Per Month
Staff Uniform 7,000 Once a Year
Rescue Equipments/Cages/Grasper 10,000 Once   a Year


Maintenance & Day-To-day Running Costs

Staff Salaries 80,000 Per Month
Electrical Repairs 5,000 Per Year
Container Cabin(To make Operation Theater & 1 Staff Quarters) 2,00,000 2 Nos. (1,00,000) each – 1 time


Posted on 01-10-2014

4 Cages

Posted on 10-11-2012

I am very happy to share the good news, all the efforts that we put-in for fundraising for new enclosures have now given fruits. Today the work completed & we started using the Enclosure for Distemper dogs. The ‘PAWS Distemper Recovery Ward‘ now opened for our 4 legged friends with generous donation from all of you! Thank You All…

Below are the pictures of the enclosures, we have now 4 dogs in this ward under treatment, It is ready to treat more cases. Really Great news & I am Very Happy For Animals!

We also made a new enclosure for Accident Recovery Cases, Have a look, This enclosure need Rs. 20,000/- more donation for remaining grills along with grills for Staff Quarters plus security Cabin. We also in need of 1 kennel grill. I will send separate mailer soon


POSTED ON 18-10-2012

Respected All,

With all your support & good wishes, we raised funds for Animal Ambulance & ordered it. We also raised funds & put-up 3 metal grilled doors @ murbad center, I thank personally to each one, who shown the support & faith on us!

As all of you are aware, we get lots of distemper cases @ Murbad Center, we receive calls from all across district from Thane, to Diva, From Dombivli to Bhiwandi & from Titwala to Ulhasnagar till badlapur. Total treatment & recovery goes upto 2 months. Many dogs, not even able to walk & recovered @ Murbad Center. Now we need a separate enclosure for distemper recovery dogs. The lowest quotation for grilled enclosure (Which include a gate for cattle ward) has received by us is of  Rs. 38,550/-. There fore I request each supporter of PAWS, to come forward & help the same way we generated the funds for up-coming Animal Ambulance.

Electronic transfers can be made following ways.
Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd,
Branch: Dombivli MIDC
A/C. Number: 008801026804
IFSC Code: ICIC0000088
The crossed cheques can be drawn in the name of ‘Plant & Animals Welfare Society’ & dispatched it to be address:
A-18, Savitri Sadan,
Dr. Mukharji Road,
Near Nehru Ground,
Dombivli (East) 421201
Maharashtra State, India

Please consider this is my personal request, I need the enclosure made, otherwise will have no space left to treat maggot wounded animals & 14 kennels will be full. The rescue center already handling 45 animals & now needs a special ward/enclosure for Distemper cases.


Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you that PAWS has started its own animal rescue and treatment centre at Murbad and is working hard towards its rapid development so that the poor and injured stray animals can have a place where they are treated as all these kind creatures are meant to be treated. Needless to say we need your kind support and ample of financial support from animal lovers like you all because many basic requirements are at an urgent need at our new animal hospital such as – Food, Medicines, and Drainage system material & Electrical Items at our centre.

We are also in requirement of 1 LSS & 1 ward boy to stay there. kindly forward bio-data asap if you know anyone who willing to take-up job or eligible for vacant post. Else ask them to call undersigned on 9920777536 or e-mail CV on pawsnilesh@gmail.com

kindly forward this e-mail among all you contacts, send donation to PAWS or you can volunteer at shelter or you can send items like food, medicines, kitchen items, furniture, Tarpaulin sheets, chains, hygiene material. Get complete list from undersigned.

Attached are some photos taken during recent visit… This is the crucial time when our dream of our own hospital is coming true & all volunteers, Trustees, Well-Wishers & Members needs to support.

Please help in getting further corporate contacts, business cards etc & spread the words. I will be continuously updating all with requests till the time we came-up with full-fledged Operation Theater, OPD, Dogs / Cats wards / Birds Aviary / Puppy Penny & Cattle Wards. The 2 room staff quarters will be ready soon.

List of Medicines required treating animals per month @ PAWS Murbad Rescue Center:-

Topicure Spray               – 10 Nos.               – For wound

Topicure Gel                   – 10 Nos.               – apply on wounds

Freewund Powder           – 10 Nos.               – apply on wet wound

Himax Tubes                  – 20 Nos.               – Treatment of cut / scars

Ciplox Eye-Ear Drop       – 1 Box                  – Eye & Ear treatment

Scabnil/Scaboma             – 10 Nos.               – Skin problem’s treatment

Texim Inj.                       – 10 Vials

Metrogil Inj.                    – 10 Vials

Dexto Inj. (25%, 100ml)   – 5 Vials

Cefotaxin Powder           – 5 Nos.

Ivermactin Injection         – 5 Vials                – maggot wound

Vinchristin Injection         – 5 Vials                – Cancer Treatment

Gipsona Plaster               – 5 Nos.                 – for fracture

Gloves                            – 5 Boxes              – for treatment

Mask                              – 1 Box                  – fortreatment

Bandage                          – 1 Box                  – for treatment

DNS                               – 10 bottles            – for treatment

Metrogil                          – 5 bottles              – for treatment

Dexto                             – 5 bottles              – 100ml

Note: Above mentioned medicines can be accepted in more quantity also.

List of Medical Consumables Required @ PAWS Murbad Rescue Center: –

Disposable Medical Gloves (Particularly sizes Small & Medium)

Absorbable Sutures

Sterilized Cotton Wool

Gauze bandages

Catgut 1-0, 2-0

Plaster of Paris

2ml / 3ml / 5 ml syringes

Needles 21 and 20 sizes

Tuberculin syringes with needle

Dynaplast Adhesive


Surgical and DressingGloves

Hot water bag

Electric Heatingpad

Eucalyptus oil

Lukman-e-Hayat Oil

20ml/40ml syringes as well as butterfly needles

For which donation in cash / cheque are needed

List of Consumables Required @PAWSMurbadRescueCenterStaff Quarters /AwarenessCenter/ Merchandise Store: –

Staff Quarters : –

Old Bed sheets/pillows for our staff to sleep on when they have to stay back on Emergencies.


Tea poi

Plastic Chairs

First Aid Kit with Anti-venom availability

Drinking Water Pots

Buckets & Mugs

BathSoap &HandWash


Curtains & Green wire Mesh to restrain snake / rodents / mosquitoes coming inside quarters


 Awareness Center : –

White Boards

Frames for Posters

LCD Projector

Camera & Lenses

Animal Soft Toys

Children’s Mat


Merchandise Store : –

Cash Box



Plastic Booth

Hangers / Plastic Wire

Chair 2 nos.

List of Equipments / Utensils / General Consumables Required @PAWSMurbadRescueCenter: –

Animal Food:

Readymade Bird Seed or mixture of Corn, bajri, nachni and Ragi

Kutti (Ready made Cattle Fodder at Rs.1000/- per 30 kgs )

Broken rice / Masoor / MoongDal / Haldi / Garlic/ Salt

Pedigree / Royal Canin / Whiskers / Maxx / Drools – Pet Food

Bread & Marie Biscuits

Broken red rice

Stock of dried grass for feeding (1 lorry)

Hygine material:-

WashingPowder (Lifeboy, Dettol, Tide, Nirma Shakti, Phenyl, Pitambari)

Scouringpads (Scotch Brite)

Face Towels, without holes please

Kitchen Towel

Bathroom Cleaners

Airtight Plastic Containers (Square and Rectangle)

Mops for inside work

Dozens of buckets and mugs

Dust bin

Bleach for cleaning

Kitchen Accessories:

Electrical Cooker / Solar cooking system for Animal food and Staff food

Gas Stove

Container Rack & kitchen Rack

Second hand Melamine plates for our staff to have lunch on

Tea cups

Tea Sugar Salt containers

Pots and pans

Aluminum Troughs for cattle feed

200 liter plastic or metal drums and cut them in half, whether horizontally or vertically make good feed or water containers.

2 gas cylinders either free or with no deposit

2 nos. 1000 liters of vertical syntax black tanks with PAWS logo


Operation Table 3 Nos.

Reception Table

10 chairs

2 cupboards (1 to keep medicines & 1 for keepingfiles)

Electrical & Structural Installations:

coin Box Telephone Installation

30 Nos. CFL Lights

Mosquito Repellent Tubes

Fans in 14 kennels & 5 in building, Staff Quarters

Air cooler @ Operation Theater

3 Exhaust Fans

Water Purifier unit

Water Cooler

Small refrigerator (to keep vaccines & medicines)

Deep freezer for storage of food


Inverter for fridge, lights

Bells and whistles and sirens for emergencies


Ball Point Flexi Pens (Blue Black and Red)

Small size jottingpads

Cello tape (Preferably Pan fix)

Glue sticks


Twine Thread

3 Nos. While Board and White Board Markers

1 No. Green Pin-up notice board

Newspapers (without staples, no magazines)

Plastic pocket folders

Letter Box

1 Donation Box for visitors

2 Donation Box for Staff welfare Fund

Box Files

Printed Stationary:

1. Treatment Chart

2. Donation Receipt Book

3. Envelops

4. Letter heads


Reptile rescue & rehab

Spay & neuter – Dogs n Cats

Clinical medicines – Vety. Science

Equine Treatment – Vety. guide

Bird Rescue & Rehab – Vety. Guide

First Aid book for stray Animals

 Rescue Equipments:

5 Nos. Dog graspers

Cat Graspers

Halters / lots of ropes in various thicknesses.

Nets for capture or restraint

Stock of dried straw for bedding 2 Lorries to start with

Lots of chain link for extra cages – aviary / cats etc.

Rubber mats for stables

Bells and whistles and sirens for emergencies

Bird handling gloves


Raincoats & Umbrellas

Dog / Cattle Muzzle

Cat / Pet Carriers

Halters/ lots of ropes in various thicknesses.

6 Rolls of Plastic Wire Mesh Nets for capture or restraint (Sample Attached)

Lots of chain link for extra cages – aviary / cats etc

Rubber mats for stable

Beautification & Garden Material:

Curtains on windows / doors

Green wire mesh to cover some cages

Potted Plants

Cintronella Plant or Saplings

Lemon Grass Plants or Saplings

Bird Nests & Bird Feeders


Outside lighting

Wheel barrows, shovels, spades, garden forks, handle brooms

White / Blue / Brown paint or chuna / geru

You can send above material to our office by calling on 9820161114 or you can send donation for specific item mentioned above, by belows ways:-


Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd,
Branch: Dombivli MIDC
A/C. Number: 008801026804
IFSC Code: ICIC0000088


Donation Cheques / DDs can be drawn in the name of ‘Plant & Animals Welfare Society’ on the following address:

Plants and Animals Welfare Society (PAWS)
A-18, Savitri Sadan,
Dr. Mukharji Road, Near Nehru Ground,
Dombivli (East), 421201,
Maharashtra, India.

So kindly consider this application for donation appeal.

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For more details contact pawsnilesh@gmail.com


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